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We are excited to be adding a new service to our business in Spring 2019

Most businesses at some point end up in a dispute with either a client, customer, supplier, landlord, tenant, employees or consultants. Disputes can be costly, time consuming and stressful for all involved.

We intend to provide a Mediation Service to assist businesses in resolving their dispute and enable them to put the focus back on their business.

Mediation is a key process in dispute resolution. It is cheaper and quicker then going through the Courts and is therefore more appealing for most businesses. The Courts and Civil Procedure Rules have a strong preference for businesses to try some form of dispute resolution prior to taking formal legal action through the Courts. Failure to attempt dispute resolution may impact the award of costs if the matter then goes to court.

By Spring 2019 we intend to offer a local mediation service with a qualified mediator. We will endeavour to assist local businesses to resolve their difference amicably at reasonable rates.