It is recommended that all companies no matter what size should have terms and conditions which clearly set out the requirements and obligations for both your business and your clients.

The content of the terms and conditions depends on the type of business you are operating. For example, if your business deals with consumers your business (B2C) will be governed by the Consumer Right Act, and your terms and conditions will need to reflect this, whereas if your business is dealing with other business (B2B) you have more freedom to draft you own terms.

There are many other factors, which should be considered when drafting the terms and conditions for your business, it is important they are tailored to your business so they are useful, rather then a template document, which may not be relevant or meet the needs of your business.

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The types of contractual documents we can assist you with include;

  • Product and/or services contracts for B2B
  • Product and/or services contracts for B2C, compliant with Consumer rights,
  • Consultancy contracts
  • Sub-contractor contracts
  • Website Terms and Conditions
  • Non Disclosure agreements
  • GDPR policy

We can also assist with a variety of other contractual documentation, if required by your business.

For some companies, a suite of contractual documents to cover all your business needs may be more practical, or bespoke contracts for a specific project or client